January 5th, 2021


Bow Tie Tuesday

First work Tuesday of the year.  It had me tied in knot.

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I'd been kinda dreading returning to the work routine, but it was fine yesterday. Maybe there was something about having too much email to get through in a day that made me just start chippin' away, working cheerfully at the job.

It's good to work cheerfully at one's job.

Had some wild dreams this morning.  Major plot cycles.  I was trying to get away with opportunist theft in a library I found myself in after closing.  Also I tried to get my soon-to-be-ex- to try again with me, after realizing she was home and in bed when I got home with a few friends, and snuck away from them to make an appeal to her.  When she went for it (I'd get one more chance) I realized she was about to find out, in the seaside town we were suddenly in, how I'd bamboozled everyone there some time ago and been busted for it; that didn't seem to bode well for our making up.

Pretty sure at least some of this drama is due to my having watched I Love You Again, a Wm Powell & Myrna Loy unusual variation on the movie amnesia trope. Either way, it was fun. I like when sleep is entertaining that way, and the constant peril in the experience this time wasn't especially disturbing.