December 10th, 2020

bad santa

And I thought I was sedentary before.

It might feel luxurious to be sleeping a lot and lazing around watching TV if I hadn't been sitting around the house in various places, working or not working, for months.  I just decided to up and order some Chinese food delivery, mainly so I could have hot & sour soup.  Got a QUART of it coming, plus noodles and some other stuff that'll reheat well.  I reckon I'll make a big adventure out to the mailbox when I'm putting a stool on the front stoop for that food drop-off.  Maybe today's mail will have joined the mail of yesterday that I didn't pick up.

When I got a couple of holiday cards early, it seemed like a good year to send some myself.  But now maybe I'll use my Touchnote credits for that.  If I can come up with a good pic.  An old Christmas postcard, maybe--- I've already got plenty of those images to choose from.  Some of my back-east folks I'm so out of touch with, though, that I don't even know if I still have their correct addresses.  Of course we're all old now and don't move so often as we used to.

Shouldn't have looked at the recently COVID numbers for the county.  It has me spooked.  On top of being both stir-crazy and sick.

I will say I'm enjoying having called off (or "in and out") of work (mostly out).  Think I'll turn the heat up.  To hell with being a "most efficient" home, compared to my neighbors, next time DTE reports efficiencies:  I'm sick, and tired, and sick and tired.

And a little bit hungry, finally, at 4:36pm.