September 1st, 2020

masked bobby

Bow Tie Tuesday

I got all the questions at LearnedLeague today.  That doesn't happen very often.  Here they are, Collapse ), for your curiosity. (I guessed some, figured a couple out, and flat-out knew a few. #1 and #3 were heart-warmers.)

Broke out a new T-shirt today to wear with my camper trailer bow tie:

Here's Collapse )

It's been kind of an all-over-the-place time and emotional space, while I just go about my solitary attempted virus-avoiding days and kitten acclimation.  New toys tickled both him and Dizzy today.  "Amos Otis" could stick.  We'll see.  It took me weeks to get to "Dizzy" and then "Dudley 'Dizzy' Dud-Bud Ginsberg Horkeimer".  Of course he had a major health threat pretty much right off, and that was a stutter, to say the least.

I was just thinking the other day, sweeping around the litter box in the nursery, about a person who helped me out so kindly and extensively during that time, and how weird it is not so much to not ever see her now ---I didn't much see her before, and that was tied to other viscissitudes not about either of us--- but (weird) to know that she somehow came to think I was out to get her and would (did!) try to run over her with my Jeep.  I mean, I've wondered all kindsa stuff about what might've been going on in that situation, with all its dynamics, most of which were in a whole world I don't, and didn't, know about.  Still.  She's the same person who was so sweet, and with whom there was a lot of commiseration.  Confusing.

But then I just had a text from a recovery person I've never met in person who was talking about a friend who's been intermittently distant with her.  Drinking may be involved.  People do what they do, and it doesn't always--- well, why try to write my own sentence when it's all in the (beautiful) (lyrical) (and beautifully prosaic) (sung) poetry of the (killed by COVID) late great Adam Schlesinger, writing for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend:

So this is the end of the movie
Whoa, whoa, whoa
But real life isn't a movie
No-o, no-o, no

You want things to be wrapped up neatly
The way that stories do.
You're looking for answers,
But answers aren't looking for you

Because life is a gradual series of revelations
That occur over a period of time.
It's not some carefully crafted story;
It's a mess, and we're all gonna die.

If you saw a movie that was like real life,
You'd be like, "What the hell was that movie about?
It was really all over the place."
Life doesn't make narrative sense.

We tell ourselves that we're in a movie
Whoa, whoa, whoa
Each one of us thinks we've got the starring role
Role, role, role

But the truth is, sometimes you're the lead
And sometimes you're an extra
Just walking by in the background
Like me, Josh Groban!

Because life is a gradual series of revelations
that occur over a period of time.
Some things might happen that seem connected,
but there’s not always a reason or rhyme.

People aren’t characters; they’re complicated.
and their choices don’t always make sense.
That being said, it’s really messed up
that you banged your ex-boyfriend’s dad.


Never bang your ex-boyfriend’s dad.