August 25th, 2020

masked bobby

Bow Tie Tuesday

These hot days are numbered, yes?  I went with the flip-flop tie, tho it's not been that long since I wore it, to honor the waning summertime.

I sent Collapse ) and then one other person did don one too & send that pic around. Our founder hasn't been heard from in a while. Makes me worry about him a tad.

I have a bit of a headache this evening.  May skip the constitutional.  I've had a pretty good run of getting out there and walking this month, but the last few days, I've been flagging, physically and spiritually.  Yesterday I was all bummed to think I might miss a dept Zoom meeting, and then I had to contend with feeling pathetic about that.  Intellectually I get why I might want to be there, but there was no stopping the evil voices about that one.

Don't want to look at this screen light much longer.  I kinda just wanna go to bed.  Gotta go spend some more quality kitten time, however.  We've been spending twilights together in the kitten room.  And I need to back up my phone tonight, cuz I'm taking it in for a battery replacement tomorrow.

That's going to mean going to the dreaded mall.  I hope I can psych myself up for it.  And I really hope I don't have a headache in the morning.

It's okay if I don't do shit tonight.  I don't even need to go get the mail.  It's been rich with postcard action lately, however.  Maybe after dark.

Happy BTT to you.