August 18th, 2020

Mo and discy disc

Bow Tie Tuesday

It's a little hard to be all into Bow Tie Tuesday, cuz I have a new kitty.

I did tie one on.

And you can see a picture of the kitty posing with me and the tie Collapse )

I have half a bazillion pix of him already, which is cuz I've restrained myself (otherwise whole bazillion).  You'll probably see more of him in coming days.  Or not. I mean, I'm restraining myself.

It's been a weirdly easy adoption all around. I didn't get too hung up about whether to do it. I picked him out easily and quickly, from the handful of kittens at the cat café.  He's peeing and pooping and eating and drinking.  And my older cat is already hanging out here in the nursery with him.  They've played and they've smelled and little guy's even rubbed up against him.  Only a little jealousy from older guy, and complaining that he can't come and go from the room at will.  Older guy isn't that much older, which is nice/different.  Still playful himself.  Next up: kitten-proofing the LR, at least.

Except I'm also working from home.  When I'm not fishing the catnip camper trailer out of the drinking water or removing the roll of paper towels from the litter box.  Or on a cuddle break.  This is a kind of break we didn't have at work, mostly.  New building rules will prevent it even more, if/when "we" ever go back.

It's sure hard to get up off the futon, compared to back in the day.  Guess I'm adding that to my anti-sedentary campaign, coronavirus edition.