July 11th, 2020

masked bobby

noodles bread noodles coffeecake bread

The way I'm suddenly only into carbs, with carbs on the side and carbs as a chaser, reminds me of the old running joke Barry and I had about stretching the meat--- like making it into meatloaf, and then making meatloaf sandwiches, and then making a casserole out of the meatloaf sandwiches, and then serving some meatloaf sandwich casserole on top of spaghetti, and then rolling some meatloaf sandwich casserole spaghetti up in a tortilla--- okay we never did that one specifically cuz tortillas weren't super-common in our world, but if we had we mighta sliced up that burrito and layered it in a dish with cheese between the layers, and then pureed that resulting hot dish to use as filling in tortellini, and ... you get the idea.

Interesting that it was mostly carbs we would think of to stretch the meat.  And it was gross, but not as gross as it would be to stretch carbs with ever-increasing and various meats.