July 8th, 2020


Get me back to the night

Cuz I love that night.  Back to the night.

I did get up in the 6:00 hour, and have taken a walk, with actual sneakers on (I still call them "tennis shoes" in my head) (I understand they are "trainers" to some, and who knows what-all else to others).  It only got down to 77 in the living room overnight, and somehow had ticked up to 78 soon after I got up, tho the air I was still encouraging in from outside was supposedly only 72.  The humidity?  86%.  Chance I will go in the air-conditioned Jeep today, maybe to an air-conditioned store?  86%.  Part of me that is ready for the wave to break, with some rain, in maybe 36-ish hours now?  > 86%.

My plan is to get in the shower in another hour or three, and then sleep through the part of the day Noel Coward said only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in.  Maybe Target today, and Busch's tomorrow.  Don't know.  I feel the fuzzy-headedness of the heavy-air warmth settling over the sleepy me.

Didn't mention yesterday that organic guy said there were a hundred flies in my garage.  That explains the fly or two that have gotten into the house and amused the cat so much.  Guy's theory:  something dead, or some kind of poop, in the garage.  The neighborhood stray cats do hang out there, so I'm hoping it's just cat poop.  Anyhow I'm in no great hurry to go rustling around to find out.  That's a task for a cooler time/head.

The internet was out for a while at around 2 in the morning.  This time it was through chat with Anmol that I got it going again.  I didn't even try to curtail the extraneous asking how I am doing and such, as it only prolongs the digressions, and I'm sure the workers have their annoying instructions along those lines.

Back to the editing.  The computer is probably hoping I'll take a nap, too, so it can.