July 3rd, 2020


had a good birthday

The big event was playing Jackbox games with some folks I haven't seen in forever.  That got really good after my laptop battery died (I was running the games) and so it suddenly stopped and I of course disappeared from the Zoom gathering.  So when I got back in we all decided the game we were playing at the time wasn't meant to be, and just chatted.  I thought it'd wind down pretty soon, but folks seemed to want to talk, and talk we did.  Caught up some folks.  Got bolstered by others talking about things like being disappointed in Stacey Abrams.  I dunno.  It was just good.  The last person and I didn't "hang up" until 1 a.m., and that only cuz I was getting blood-sugar spacy, and wanted to open the windows & start blowing the cooler air into the place.

A model kit I ordered for myself a while ago came just in time to be a birthday present to myself:

And then today one of the Zoomers---a local---brought me a couple of sweet treats, complete with plastic for my buddy to enjoy:

The more expensive sorta-present I got myself is DNA testing.  It was a middle-of-the-night whim a week ago.  I don't give a hoot about the ancestry part, but I like the idea of finding out about any health factors that are more-or-less inherent, or inherently predispositional, in me.  The tube for saliva came the other day, and now it's on its way to the lab.  I think it's a matter of weeks before I hear from them.

Then today in my email Coursera, through which I took most of a MOOC a few years ago, I saw that there's a series of anatomy classes, through the local U, starting today.  I mean, why not?  I can audit.  So I've signed up & am starting that.  It might be a bit much, on top of learning Spanish through my phone app and working the steps in a workshop in my newer recovery program, plus there's a chance that I'll squeamish out when I get to the cadaver detail shots.  But maybe not.  And, really, I often find myself curious about body things, so why not know more?  I trust it won't be only about learning the names for things.  But I have already learned the word "integumentary", as it's part of the title of the first of the four courses.

I'm just auditing.  So it's free.  No need for a certificate.  Kinda great, yes?  The folks checking in in the "Introduce yourself" message board are from all over.

I also remembered today to activate my free months of Apple music, from buying a keyboard a bit ago.  One of the first things I looked up to hear was the dB's.  Power pop from my college days.  Their greatest song is undeniably "Amplifier," but here's an album cut I like of theirs a lot:

It's hot.  About to do another in-and-out-of-the-shower with my hair in a ballcap.  Maybe when the sun goes down I'll want to eat something.

Oh, forgot to say we had (to take) the day off work today.  My birthday observed, I choose to consider it.