June 4th, 2020


I do not know the Bible.

Started to read it in my 20s cuz it seemed like a student of literature should know it, but got bogged down in the begats.  Didn't occur to me until I'd long since given up that I coulda just skipped over those, nor, more helpfully, that I didn't have to memorize the full cast of characters and their lifespans to read further.

Today, presented with a trivia question involving the names of books of the Bible, I made a list of my guesses at Bible book names, and came up with only 11.  And I was confused about Songs.  Seems it's "Song of Solomon" for Protestants; "שִׁיר הַשִּׁירִים" [Šîr Hašîrîm], in the Hebrew original; "Song of Songs" for Catholics and Orthodoxxers; and "Canticles" in the, like, religio-colloquial, or somethin' like that.  How many Bible books can you name?   Collapse )  Oh, and there's no -s on Revelation. Sure seems like there oughta be, on accounta it's rumored to be just chock-fulla revelations, but what do I know? I left off somewhere around And Mahalaleel lived sixty and five years, and begat Jared.