May 13th, 2020

dork L

My robot food delivery came. :D

This time there was a guy on an electric scooter halfway down the block.  The robot turned the wrong way onto our street, and then they did a U-ey; don't know if that was the planned way to turn there or not.

The REV-1 looks a little the worse for wear, compared to our first meeting.  Guess it's gotten into a few scrapes.

Inside the chamber is a notice about disinfecting protocol.  Still, I washed my hands after putting the stuff away, the way you do with groceries.

And now I have an 8-grain 3-seed, my fave Zingerman's bread!  Plus, among other things, two absolutely gorgeous honeycrisp apples, two beautiful delicate smooth small nectarines, and a pineapple, along with some impulse late-addition apricot rugelach that'll be a real treat.

When the pilot program for the robots got started, someone spoke of their taking jobs/$ from workers.  They do have this unexpected benefit now of not breathing on you.  Keeping human bodies away from your human body.  I think I'm used to the idea that keeping human bodies away from my human body is a good thing now.  But I don't like it.

The other day I googled how to know if you're hungry, and then got into this whole thing with myself about being in my later 50s and needing to look that up.  Being in touch with physical feelings and emotional feelings, and having---and seeking to sate, and then satisfying---desire(s): these are so much less simple than I'd like them to be.