May 7th, 2020


Postcard of the Day

Looks like I missed yesterday.  This is Thursday, right?

I wanna scan some more postcards soon.  Have a little pile picked out.  Have one surprise postcard pen pal goin', which is cool, so I gotta feature at least one of hers here.

I realized I overbought stamps at the P.O. the other day.  Forgot how slowly I go through them now.  Or maybe I just missed my stash of a variety of oldies, in a folder in the tray-stack thing on my desk at work.  I'll have a little variety now, if only 1 postcard-amount choice.  I'm not above "wasting" a regular first-class stamp on a p-card, tho.  Yesterday, or maybe it was the day before, I solicited pen pals on facebook, and got a few takers.  If any of you want to exchange some snail mail, I'm into putting more fun things into mailboxes.  I'll make comments to this post screened to keep our info confidential.

Got my $1200 bucks from the guvmint.  I hear there's a letter coming from Trump to try to make me grateful to him.  My therapist's dead father got one already.