April 14th, 2020


Bow Tie Tuesday

It's snowing.

"It always snows in April," someone told me, my first year up here.  So far it's been true every year.

Work was kind of a lot today.  I've gotta stop.  That's why I'm here now, writing this to you/me.  Thought maybe it'd be easier to set aside "the office" when I took the bowtie off, but the cats seemed to like the idea of me doing a coupla more hours at the stationary station (vs the roving one[s]).  They're napping behind me.

Of all things, given that it's quarantine, I had a kind of weird interpersonal bump yesterday, in what I guess is still an area that can get to me.  Sometimes it's like I'm even more tired of my own sensitivities or vulnerabilities or what you will than I am of being cooped up in the house.  Today it was chilly and I didn't go for a walk.

There goes the neighbor guy with the labs.  Cadbury and I-forget-who.

Anyway, I did have a good video therapy session.  She could probably put SMH as a code on her notes for me, when predictable difficulty arises, like that weird communication light-bulb-feelin' thing.  There must be a fear underneath it all, yes?  Or some other vestigal thing?  Well.  I guess maybe I'm the one who's SMH.

Still screwing up my courage for a big grocery trip.  Gotta make a solid list.  List tomorrow, shopping Thursday?  Perhaps.  Or I could get a long way on canned pears and crackers, plus what's left in the freezer, the rather-old eggs, most of a chunk of cheddar and --- there's actually a lot.  Just no milk to make the oatmeal creamy, for instance.  And I'm a tad overdue for acidophilus and bifidus (which I always hear ol' Davi saying, in her goofy accent).

Now, today's bow tie:

It was the owls today.  It's a good tie.  Fairly easy to tie.  Made of good stuff.  Maybe shaped such that it's a little stubby, but that's okay.

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