April 9th, 2020



Just had a big group Zoom call with the text sweepers and all the vol mods from the Bernie Slack.  Damn, there was some love goin' around.  I'm gonna miss those people.  Particularly the sweeper team and the faces I would see on Sunday evenings.

I have a video doc's appt tomorrow, mostly to get refills on things, but I did think to dig out my blood pressure machine.  Had to put new batteries in it, and I had just enough of those without having to raid the mouse and some remote controls.  Gotta take it again later and then in the a.m., but if it's right, that first number is way high.  Historically that hasn't been the number I have to work to keep down, but it was way up when I discovered a few years ago that the BP was way up.  Doc said then this tends to happen as we age--- it can just get worse, after years of a plateau.  This time I have had a dialing back of some BP drugs and a change of another, so we'll see what the doc says--- and what the machine says later.  Thing is, this machine cranks well the fuck up to start, squeezing my arm so much I'm in pain, while trying to think chill thoughts.  So maybe it's just a spike from being in pain!

Gonna catch up on the friends' feed tomorrow, too, I hope.  I still haven't written out my notes for the doc, or done a couple of other things on my list for today.  And I do want to get to bed early.

The distributed volunteers for Bernie are amazing people.  And the fact that we could do that ---with all those volunteers taking on responsiblity and representing the campaign--- with so few bad apples popping in, and a great team of folks to monitor the situation, while 259,000,000+ texts were sent--- it's just quite somethin'.  All in the hopes of making things better for people.

Along with a lot of the general emotions crying, some of the paid campaign folks on the call were crying about how blessed and lucky they feel to get to keep their health insurance through the fall.  Bernie made sure today that that would happen.

A sense of solidarity around an urgent and vital good cause/purpose/aim.  I sometimes feel like life has no meaning, and struggle with that, but there was meaning in that work.