March 17th, 2020

Double Indemnity, Walter Neff

Bow Tie Tuesday

Well, I went ahead and put on a tie.  So I'm in lock-down, sorta.  It's still Bow Tie Tuesday.  It's the stuff-upper-lip kind of thing to do, right?  This one's one of the $2 ties I got at the big end of '19 sale.  One of the few I still hadn't broken out yet.

The picture's taken by my laptop, not my phone at my desk at the office.  I was videochatting right after that.  Then I moved back into the dining room, which is where I've been home-officing.  I can look out a window there.  The even-better window for looking down the street is at my desk in the bedroom, and I have a fairly big monitor in there.  Gotta check whether I can get it up to speed browser- and OS-wise.  If so I might buy a replacement keyboard, since the one in there won't let me type ) or 0.  And you need 0 to do my job.

I felt a lot less glum today, and less anxious, particularly after I took a nice walk in the middle of the afternoon.  It'll be tempting to go on long walks, and I guess I can work around that.  Added a break reminder app to Chrome.  Looks like I'm going to need it here even more than I do at work.  Something to get me up and moving around.

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The cats are liking me being home.  Had the windows open for them a lot today.  It was maybe 45 degrees F out there.  Possibly a tad warmer at the apex.