March 11th, 2020

shirley chisholm

Bow Tie Tuesday

We interrupt Shuffleboard Week to bring you today's special Election Day edition of Bow Tie Tuesday.

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the next day ...

I didn't get around to posting this post last night.  I was so zonked I tried to nap at 7pm.  Slept maybe an hour, and then lay in bed reading twitter and the campaign Slack.  Lotsa long vision, like Bernie had Sunday.  Got up eventually and watched a Better Call Saul.  Then went back to bed and mostly didn't sleep.  Now I'm back at the office with a headache and have used passwords for other situations first, every time I've logged in to something so far today.

Tell ya what:  no more freakin' MSNBC for me, regardless of who the guest is.  CNN maybe if there's some unusual thing, but mostly no.  Mostly screw that.

Did make myself the good yogurt this morning, with my fave granola.  After spilling half a pint of blueberries all over the kitchen floor.  Didn't grind any in by stepping on them, at least.  Younger cat thought it was a game.  Everything new is a game for younger cat.  Such a great attitude.  Wonder if he ever gets a headache.

On the way in, WCBM was all about Jelly Roll Morton, with somber-toned announcments between.  That felt like long vision too.

Editing now.

MR door

on the "up" side

Wait, I swear I just thought of one, and had another one before that.

Oh yeah--- the weather. It's the time of year the weather is getting better for being outside.

And---right---it'll be interesting to watch a basketball game on TV where there's no one in the audience.

The U here just cancelled classes tomorrow and declared it'll be online classes for the rest of the semester, and it looks like there'll be some options for working at home for me & mine here at MR.

I have still have a bit of a headache, and am skipping a new meeting tonight, much as it'd be cool to go to a meeting from the very beginning.  And I already have what I've been assuming is plenty of toilet paper in the house.

It'll be good to have a night in.