February 18th, 2020


Postcard of the Day

rotated for your convenience:

This one has a nice quotidianity to it.  A work-a-day straightforward TCB mundanity.  There is a glory in the mundane; let us cast off connotations otherwise!

The front of the card's quite nice too.  I'll leave it out in the open:

Tomorrow will be the last in this string of (Long) Message Week cards, with a pleasingly simple one.  Then back to pix of fronts, for the most part.

winter house

Bow Tie Tuesday

Here we are, Tuesday again.

We had Monday off work.  One of our new weird forced holidays this year.  Coming up next:  Vernal Equinox (Observed).  We'll be observing it on a Friday, but it's only sort of a rounding thing, since it actually happens at 11:50 the night before.

I used a hunk of my Presidents Day to canvass for Bernie.  It was my first time doing the door-to-door thing.  I was in Westland, which no one seems to be able to tell me the correct pronunciation of.  There was an organizer there who had literature to give out; next time I'll canvass closer to home.  'Twasn't terribly cold, and I'd parked where I had a cluster of doors to knock, walk around that area, and then move the car to the next nexus, if that's proper usage of the term, and also if it's not, so I could warm up a minute and charge the phone a tad more.  (The app saps power like crazy.)

On the first street I went down I had several people come to the door, but that tapered off quickly.  I guess it was a weekday afternoon, so that's not surprising.  What was surprising was how many of these modest little homes had RingTM doorbells.  It was a lot.  Like, maybe 1 in 5.  Through one of them I talked to a voter who wasn't home.  (Undecided, but sure, leave some lit.)

My favorite part was this one Bernie supporter telling me that I shouldn't bother with next door (gesturing with thumb).  Her face was a great illustration of "knowing look".

My least favorite part was how so many people had a dog or dogs, and how much it made me miss my dog, and having a dog.

By the time I drove back to town, I was pretty sapped.  Mighta been from eating a pill, partly, but I ended up going ahead & lying down for a nap, knowing full well that I might not want to get up and get shod and go to chorus.  Sure nuff, when my 45 snoozing minutes were up and it was time to get moving, I had not gotten my nap out, to use an expression from Denise's mother.  And you know what?  Perfect attendance, schmurfect attendance.  :)

So now it's Tuesday.  Here's today's tie--- another two-buck special:

Didn't get home until after 8 tonight.  Made an egg NichMuffin and toasted another English muffin, and had almond butter and the last of the maple bacon onion jam on that one.  A taste variety meal, plus it made a nice dent in my remaining English muffins.

Answered the trainer's pop quiz on my maybe-next campaign duty.  It'll be my fourth texting-related duty, and a second one with which I can potentially be particularly helpful.  Was talking earlier today about a vague below-the-surface worry (besides the broad worry about something horrible happening in terms of the movement) involving the dangerous feeling of hope, specifically in this case in how much I've been (getting out of my head by) getting involved in this volunteer work.  Like I have this itch to brace myself, when bracing doesn't make any danged difference, and the repeated itch to do so is more not-good-for-me.

It's like everything else, though.  One foot in front of the other.

I did sign up for an Audible account & downloaded my free book, the one Rachel Bloom did with the guy from Detroiters.  Sam.  Okay I'll look it up.  Sam Richardson.  He's funny.  She's funny.

This'll give me a talk thing to listen to in the car when I feel like talk and have no new podcast eps and am disgusted by some garbage talk on the radio.  And maybe I'm warming up and charging the phone at the maybe-nexus of a cluster of doors to knock.