January 26th, 2020

winter house

"talk" night took it outta me!

Tell ya more about it later, I reckon.  In short: it was good.  :D

After I wound down, I slept hard, then woke wide, but still sleepy; read some political twitter on my phone and played a game, and got up to pee, and went back to bed.  Next thing I knew it was 2pm.  Barely had time to get the cats fed and coffee in me and the litter box scooped and the trash and recycling out before the two calling shifts I'd signed up for, which butted right into the biweekly sweeper team call.  Then I did 27 more calls, just to get to 102.  I don't call much this campaign, compared to other volunteering, but they asked.

Then I took some more recycling out, fed the cats again, took a shower and made dinner, and got a yogurt thingie together to take to work tomorrow, and ate, and here I am.  Time to put my feet up and see if I can stay awake long enough for my hair to dry before bed.

A satisfying weekend.