January 7th, 2020


No Bow Tie Tuesday

Home coughing today.  Didn't figure much point in tying something around my neck that wasn't designed to keep it/me warm.

Was going to flush the water heater but then forgot.  Oh well.  I only just found out that's something you're supposed to do, so after all these years I suppose a few days more won't hurt.  Fortunately that water heater isn't all that old.

Iran's government fired missiles at a place in Iraq the U.S. military has people (and stuff, presumably).  It's seen as the first act of Hard Revenge after the killing of that general.  There's a possible threat of a Trump "address to the nation" tonight.  How much chance there is that it'll just be hot air, I don't know.  On the TV some person was saying that maybe more Iraqis were hurt or killed than Americans, and so maybe Trump won't consider it as much of a big deal.  Grasping at straws through rooting for racism?

Time to me to put my feet up.  Been text sweeping for Bernie.

Manny loves my bad-lesbian fingernails.

Sure hope I'll be back at work tomorrow.  Here I'd gone in the past 2 Saturdays to try not to use to much leave, and poof! I've burned that much thrice over, and then some.