September 10th, 2019


Bow Tie Tuesday

Had to get through a real sleepy patch this afternoon.  Somehow kept working.  Seemed to help when I got up to ask T a question, and she gave me chocolate.

Life continues apace.  I went back to chorus.  The cat still has diarrhea but hasn't had to go back to the vet in, like, maybe 2 weeks, or close to it.  Still needs a solid call name, howe'er.  I have a doctor's appt this week and don't feel like getting my shit together to make a list of things to talk/ask about.  My hope there is always to get out without adding any more drugs to the drugs I'm on, although that's maybe kind of a stupid goal.  Not feeling confident about my blood work this time around, having not gotten a lot of exercise this summer, and had some streaks of eating badly, one way or another, or multiple ways.

It's weirdly hot today, but mostly it's harbinger-of-fall time(s).  And the students are back, and the football games are happening, and new copy eds start pretty soon, and the noir festival will be coming up.  I paid so much less attention to the seasons when I was young.  I was, like, season-stupid.  If you asked me what season it was, I would have called up in my mind what month it was, and then figured out what season that month is in, to get the answer.  I didn't just know.  Except maybe that it was summer because school was out.  Even then, I mighta gone through the figurin'.  That's weird, right?