July 2nd, 2019

dork L

Bow Tie Tuesday

The a/c isn't working right in my room at the office, so I've got my hair up to try to minimize the neck sweating, on accounta how (1) since I don't have a collar under the tie I'm sweating right into the (in this case) silk, and (2) who wants to be all neck-sweaty at the office?  My dinner plans seem less exciting in their potential sizzlingness, too, on accounta it's sorta sizzling outside, and semi-sizzling here in the office.  I did have a nice break watching soccer in the kitchen, however.

This tie is new.  Today's my birthday.  I also got a toilet plunger.  Did I tell you that already?  It sounds funny, but it's a nice thing to get a new one of every dozen or so residences.

So much attending to bizniss type phone call stuff lately.  More to come.  But I finished painting the baseboard and got all the tape off and moved my new-ish piece of furniture into place.  Now I'm within sight of having the LR more like I want it, finally.  Should I try to get a recliner sometime?  I thought about this when Bert said his medical professionals seem to think everyone in America has a recliner, and he doesn't.  I have feared hurting a cat when un-reclining.  This is a silly fear?  I have such a hard time knowing.  It's like the so-long-and-variously-subverted hunger mechanism.  Awfully uncalibrated, and one wonders whether it can even be tuned back up, like a piano that the professional just throws her hands up over.  (Not literally.)  In the meantime, how's a person supposed to know?

Well, whatever.  Time to get outta here.  Have a nice night, y'all people.