March 27th, 2019

muddy go kart

Bow Tie Tuesday

As promised, here's yesterday's bow tie.  I didn't make it adjustable, and I made it a smidge too long, plus I should've used a sturdier interfacing, so it's kind of a pain to tie.  I may starch it before wearing it again, unless I just retire it right away, outta frustration.  More likely I'll take it in a little and live with the not-stiffness.

I do like vertical stripes, however.  Want to do another vertical stripes one sometime.

I have two more ready to go and will then likely be back to reruns for a while, unless I get an itch to go look at fabric.  It's fun to look at fabric.  Good exercise in "What do I like?"  Cuz, really, that's the criterion--- do I like it? With a little sprinkling, in these cases, of would it work well for a bow tie? A print with really big somethings on it, spaced far apart, probably wouldn't, because all you'd see on the tie is a fraction of one something and maybe the very edge of another, which would also be a fraction too of course.

Of course it could be a litttle like the old Concentration game, which you can play online here, with its rebuses.  (Not "rebi".)  Like, leave 'em wondering.  But that's not really what I'm going for in a bow tie.