March 15th, 2019


Merwin died.

I met him, years ago.  A gentle soul.

Don't have a favorite poem to hunt down and share.  I just wanna say he died.  Which I heard from Bill McKibben's twitter feed.  Funny how it's iffy, hearing about the big news of old poets, without a dedicated place you go where poets are talked about.

I'm pretty sure he was one of the poets in a story in which one poet came upon the other, swinging happily on a swing.  The first poet asked the swinging poet what he's so happy about, and the swinging poet replied, "I just rhymed 'Sodom' with 'bottom'!"

I also think he had interesting things to say about translation.

Anyway.  Yep.  W.S. Merwin, 1927–2019.