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January 29th, 2019

Postcard of the Day


Bow Tie Tuesday

It's both Bow Ties Tues and Polar Vortex Eve.  Nice timing for the tie I made out of material that said to me "winter"/"cold"/"ice".

After the instructor got in touch with all of us still-to-meet sewing students to make sure we were on for tonight, Rec & Ed cancelled the class anyway.  They were cancelling everything.  Rumor is that Whole Foods is closing at 8 tonight through who-knows (but plans not to open tomorrow), and the U finally pulled the trigger & cancelled classes until Friday morning.  Nothing yet for us, tho.  To the decided consternation of some of my officemates.

I may use leave to take the day and stay inside at home anyway.  So long as the heat keeps working.

with hair back hereCollapse )

There's the tie two ways.  I have long sleeves in a blue very close to the light blue under my T-shirt, too.  It's one of maybe 5 or 6 shirts somebody gave me, all on one day.  Secret pattern.  Silky soft.  Niiiiiiice.

I have all kindsa food options at home but keep thinking about nachos.  Which I have not much for (except salsa & onions) (and maybe some refrieds).  I do not need to stop and get nacho supplies on the way home.  I can instead hope to live long enough that I will have eaten through a lot of the food I already have and can then choose nachos if I still want nachos.  This is a down side to having the larder well stocked, however.

Oooh, this just in:  our office will be closed tomorrow and Thursday, just like the U.  Phew.  It'll be hunker down & shelter in place after all.




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