January 28th, 2019


Snow day Monday.

I finally got myself out there, late mid-afternoon, to deal with the first 4 or 5 inches of it & get the trash cans in from the street.  Remarkably less work, the snow, now that I'm dogless.  Not to mention the sense of urgency to address it is dramatically diminished.

Yesterday I spent a few hours at the ol' rec center.  They have new lockers, and more NuStep machines.  I think.  I'd gotten so I didn't use the cardio machines but would walk the track and then do the weight room and then walk the track a litle more.  But my knee didn't like much track walking, so we (me and my knees) switched to those (designed-in-A2) sit-down leg workers.  There are a buncha TVs in the cardios rooms now, too.

The weight room went well, tho I am a lot weaker in certain muscles than I used to be.  Then I hit the pool, which was the main thing I wanted to do.  It was nice.  Not very busy.  Maybe I should do the math on how many à la carte visits you can do in a month before it becomes cheaper to buy the year.  It's not many, as I recall.  Like 2 or 3.

I think I'll cook me some supper.  Still have to give the younger cat fluids-- didn't get to that yesterday.  My head tells me I should use this free day for more around-the-house stuff, and you'd think I'd have enough of the stir crazy to be inspired to expend some energy in the house, but nah.

It's going to be super-cold like dangerous-cold like not-above-zero stay-inside cold in another coupla days, for a day or two.  Maybe I'll be inspired then.