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January 24th, 2019

Postcard of the Day

I'm gonna leave the front of this one out in the open, cuz I like looking at it:

And here's my online-translator guess at the text (if you've got some Swedish, and/or alternate handwriting theories, please share):

Älskade moster,
Jack för brefvet
Det skull varet
trevlet att helsa
på hos eder.  Vet
ente om jag kan
lemna hemma.
Edith är ej så
bra.  Kära härsn-
ing fran oss alla, till
[eder?].  From your sister, Emily H. I/c. of Nels. Gustafson

Beloved aunt,
Jack for the glacier
It would be nice
to heal with you. Know
if I can leave home.
Edith is not that
good. Dear Lord, from all of us, to
[you?].  From your sister, Emily H. I/c. of Nels. Gustafson

(Wouldn't it be cool if there's an expression "Jack for the glacier", maybe meaning something like "By golly" or "Holy Moly"?  I'm not going to google that so I don't find out there isn't.)

I did it. I finally went to the dentist.

It went really well.  'Specially considering it's been 5 years.  Or 6 or 7.  Or maybe 4, but I think closer to 6.5.  Or maybe only 4.  Years get hard to tell sometimes.  Case in point, the anniversary reminders various social media and internet application things put in your face now and then.

I'm going to get an electric toothbrush.  Dude sez they tend to do better.  Dude cleaned my teeth himself--- where Dude = the dentist.  Says when he has time he likes to, the first time with a new patient, just to get to know 'em a little, and to talk about anything that might be wrong.  I didn't have anything wrong to speak of.  Just some built-up calculus (not bad for multiple years' worth, at my age) and a little gingivitis.  Should improve with me going back to regular cleanings.

Huzzah for overcoming this particular procrastination.  And here's to lucky teeth.  And to gratitude.  And the nice smooth feeling of my freshly polished chops.


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