November 20th, 2018

Hopey thinker

Bow Tie Tuesday

Here it is, Bow Tie Tuesday.  I went with a rerun, cuz the shirt I got ready to wear wasn't gonna work with the one tie I have made and ready, plus I sorta wanna save it for next week anyway, for slightly embarrassing reasons.

This is Thanksgiving week, in case you hadn't noticed.  For the first time our office is closing for both Thursday and Friday.  Perhaps Friday will be yardwork-friendly.  It's real cold now, and some wet snow is out there.  And I guess there's supposed to be more precip over the next coupla cold days.

I've been cooking for myself a lot lately.  Somehow I'm often tempted, as I leave the office, to pick up something on the way home that someone else cooked, and that is (thus) already cooked.  Doesn't help that it's dark out, or close to it.  Still seems later in the day than it is.

I do feel a bit blah.  But now down, exactly.  A little blah, that's all.