November 19th, 2018

Hopey thinker

Talking to extraordinarily tedious healthcare customer service people raises my blood pressure.

If I live long enough to see single payer healthcare in this country, it'll almost surely not be until I'm Medicare eligible.  And Medicare has its own tediousnesses, I know.  But fewer.  So in this regard there is something to look forward to about getting even older.

I wouldn't have to be rich to just pay out of pocket for all but the biggest expenses, simply to avoid having to deal with suppliers and insurance and bullshit slow-witted grating customer service people.  But I'd need to be at least a little better off financially.  It's such a blessing to get a reasonable, fairly efficient professional on the phone when you have to talk to somebody on the phone about something.  Isn't it?

We should make currently low-paying jobs much higher-paying, and currently really high-paying jobs much lower-paying.  Janitors and phone service people and restaurant line workers and farm hands and roofers and road construction people should all make at least, like, $150/hr.  CEOs can keep their fancy offices and have money to take other people out to lunch with, and maybe even get a company car to use, but they should be paid no more than $27.50/hr.

And I shall make myself available for further (and extensive) pronouncements on how things should be, for when they come asking.