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November 13th, 2018


Bow Tie Tuesday

The ties are dwindlin' down.  We'll be on reruns soon.  But there should be two more before that happens.

This one is the first diamond-tip I've made.  It's a little more shimmery than it looks here, with the white petals (or whatever those are) sorta silvery and shiny.  Mostly I liked the colors and the shapes.  And their arrangement.  And how they might work with the diamond-tip schtick.

Training at work continues apace, keeping me busier in a multiple-balls-in-the-air way than I usually am, with a heapin' helpin' of trying to keep up.  But it's fun, even with frustrations and adjustments and rusty parts of the brain firing up.

I'm supposed to go see an Indigo Girl tomorrow night (Amy, though I forget which one is Amy) (not a big fan, obviously), but I'm debating giving away the ticket, or just blowing it off; right now it feels like I'd rather just go home and make myself a nice dinner and visit with the cats and watch some TV and sew on the one other bow tie I still have in the pipeline.  Maybe even finish switching out the summer clothes from my closet shelves.

Somehow this reminds me of an Onion video I saw this morning, Tips for Overcoming a Panic Attack.  The first one is "Avoid things that may trigger your panic, like social gatherings, workplaces, the news, and personal relationships of any kind."   Ha and ha, right?  Ha.  Complex chuckle.

It snowed again.  Another early-season, wet snow, whispering "Get uuuuuused to it, Lisa. If not now, soon."  Harbingers of the long frozen season are perhaps prompting some of my interest in curling up in a ball in my heated house with my heating-pad cats.




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"What was once thought cannot be unthought."

-- Möbius, The Physicists


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