October 30th, 2018

Hopey thinker

Bow Tie Tuesday

Exciting times at work, with two new copy eds this week, PLUS dressing up for Halloween tomorrow.  And the little kids from the school next door parading by us in the afternoon, if the weather will please cooperate.

Throw in a Bow Tie Tuesday and you've really got a week going.

(Can you see the skulls?)

Things'll probably settle back to regulareveryday pretty soon.  Which is okay too.

I think this time the newbies are giving me a boost in getting back some of my old work joy.  I mean, it's never simple, and there's plenty to chafe against, but I also love this place.  It's that simple.  So of course I don't like stuff messing it up.  Oddly I hadn't thought of a hunk of that stuff mainly from the how-it-messes-up-work way, and am surprised to be feeling that POV.

I'm meandering, and likely making sense only to me.  Sorry 'bout that.

Happy Halloweeneen.