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October 9th, 2018


Bow Tie Tuesday

Today there's a visitor in the office for whom we have put on our nametags, in addition to any bow ties we have on.

I made this bow tie.  The hard part is inside-outting them after they're mostly sewn together.  And sewing the seams all by hand, if you're working without a machine.  I'm working on another one now & have the material for a third, but I want to make it a reversible and need to get more material for the other side.  The 1/4 yard for the tie you see here cost me 50¢.

I've been putting off making some health insurance and medical bill phone calls, and promised myself today would be the day.  SUCH a hassle, having to spend so much time and effort to get bills paid that the insurance is supposed to be paying, and get all the documentation all the players insist on.  It's like it's set up for a certain number of us to give up and just pay for stuff we really shouldn't have to, according to the rules.

Alright, I'm gonna get started on that now.  Go out to the car and get the one bill I shouldn't have gotten, listen to the voicemails I've been avoiding, call the three players I think I need to call to get two balls rolling again (with luck).  Related balls can be set rolling/re-rolling later.

I hate dealing with this stuff.

Hardware store later for twine for wood bundles + maybe some stain for another coating the front stoop steps.  Maybe call the plumber and run up some more debt taking care of a drain and possibly a pipe and/or a sink.  C'mon, girl.  TCB.  You've been known to get into it.  You can get into it again.




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