October 2nd, 2018

Hopey thinker

Bow Tie Tuesday

What's goin' on.

I've been thinking today of how, when I was a little kid, I never wanted to take a bath.  I'd resist.  And then once I was in the tub, with toys and properties of water to experiment and play with, I'd think--- more than once! --- something like "Gee, I like this.  Isn't it weird that I don't want to take a bath?  This is fun."  I'd be surprised, over and over, how I'd forget that I actually liked being in the tub.  Surprised that I'd forget, and surprised to realize I'd forgotten yet again. Like it just couldn't stick in my head.

I gotta figure out how much I can afford to hire the tree guy down the street to do.  Life would sure be different with a lot of "disposable" income.  Wouldn't it?

Captain Awkward was unusually harsh with her Letter Writer today, and interesting interpersonal relations stuff was there to be pondered, but among other things she said (in boldface, no less) (I'll just make it italic here) The abusers of the world know what they did and they know why people are mad at them. This was a striking notion.  Kinda like the bathtub thing, the way I can't seem to retain that possibility, in the face of acting as if it's not that way.

[I had some meandering sentences here about the main thing I was thinking about the bathtub thing with regards to--- the struggle to do lotsa little and not-so-little things to take care of myself, and whether some kind of forgetting might be involved--- but I've deleted it to spare y'all what looked stupid or at least insipid when I glanced back over it, in the uncharitable way I reserve the purest forms of for me.]

The dog wagon comes again this week.

bobby hill

I forgot to mention in what's up

not only that today was flu shot day, but that the other evening I had another of those idiopathic anaphylaxis-like experiences.  That puts it about 6 months since the last one.  Thus it was the first time I had an epipen available.  But I didn't need it.  The spell passed fairly quickly, if quite unpleasantly.  Left me zonked, though, as well as a tad shaken, and I went to bed before dark and stayed there for 12 whole hours.  I suppose it's not surprising that I didn't sleep the next night, which was last night.

Fingers crossed tonight will be regular sleep, and I won't have to work late tomorrow to make up for going in late.

I wanna go to the bagel shop and get some of them coffee drinks.  Mmmm.

I stopped watching endlesstrumpTV tonight and switched to Hank Hill, disillusioned about propane, which is really something.

You may think Hank Hill would be a Trump supporter, but no way.  He wasn't even a Dubya supporter, on accounta Bush's wimpy handshake.