August 23rd, 2018

Hopey thinker

My coworker I like left, at the end of her last day, a little bit ago.

There were tears.  Her eye make-up was in danger.  I'm gonna miss her.  She was pretty quiet, but it feels different when she's in the room.  Better.

Tonight this guy I like (such as one likes people in such circumstances) on my dumb reality TV show is going to be voted off.  It's pretty much inevitable.  That's sad too, and in a way that can tail in on the end-of-summer end-of-coworker-coworking kind of feelings.

There are still plenty of tomatoes out there, however.  Dinner tonight, again:  tomato & cheese sandwich + something.  Probably baby carrots, snap peas, and possibly popcorn.  While the guy I like is voted out.

The rescue wagon has come in at the humane society.  It's not time yet for me to get a dog, if I do get another dog, and I have to be here tomorrow morning when the adoptability for these newbies is switched on, and some beagle in a mix is gonna make a dog pretty much impossible to train in any reliable way, and I am in no financial shape for it, and a puppy is probably too much for this old girl anyway, BUT isn't this doggie the most adorable soul-eyed furry buddy you ever did see?

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They're calling her Abigail, for now.

I love her.

I look at her and I love her.  It's like that.

I wonder if I could get out of that interview tomorrow morning.