August 7th, 2018

Hopey thinker

Bow Tie Tuesday

Here it is again, Bow Tie Tuesday.  It's not super-hot any more, but it's muggy, and feels good to be outside in a thin cotton top with nothing tied around my neck, and also with bell bottoms bouncing as I walk.  (Up with Bell Bottoms--- ooh, there's a T-shirt or tattoo idea.)

So here's my choice for observing the day today:

While I was out on break I not only bought lunch, even though I really shouldn't be buying lunch, what with being back to paying money-for-nuthin' not-on-the-MTV in the form of interest on debt I haven't managed to 0% (where "0%" is a verb), but I also stopped and did my civic duty.  In other words,

Collapse )

Guess the dog days of August are crankin' up.  It'd be nice to get away, and not to Aggieville.  Buying lunch is more economically sound than the idea I have of going up to the U.P. for a night or two, since I ain't never been, and to get away.

There's a cool Airbnb treehouse a coupla hundred kilometres northwest of Montreal, too.  As long as I'm fantasizing.  Who wants to head up there with me for a little get-away?  And shall we fall in love, while we're at it, to give us something extra fun to throw in the mix of hangin'-out activities?