July 17th, 2018

Hopey thinker

I have a question about the queen.

Why does she carry a purse?    queen purse.jpg

It's not just "What do you need a purse for when you're ceremonially reviewing the guard?"  It's also "You can be the Queen of England and still have no one to bear the burden of your wallet, comb and keys?"  Moreover, "You can be the Queen of England and still not have sufficient pockets?"  Plus "Oh wait what does the Queen of England need a wallet for?"

Probably the right question is "Is this a fashion thing?"

Yes, you're probably thinking she has a can of mace and a pearl-handled pistol in her bag for this particular occasion, but that's not my point.

I'm also, upon reflection, a bit befuddled that she'd wear uncomfortable shoes, as the Queen of England, and somewhat agéd, but that's almost surely a fashion thing.  The white gloves too.  Just lady luggage--- it's too weird.  She has the power.  She could change expectations.

"What's in her purse?" is a whole other line of wondering.  Probably nothing.  I vote nothing.
Hopey thinker

Bow Tie Tuesday

A woman coming out of a building I was going into today gave me a big smile and said "Hey, I'm from Maryland too."  Would only a person from Maryland wear this bow tie?  Maybe.  Anyway I smiled back at her and said something that meant "Whoa, how about that", and that was nice.

I've still lived most of my life in Maryland.  But no longer half of it, as of recently.  It still has almost a decade on this town, tho.

I have a lot of fondness for a lot of Maryland, things about Maryland.  Yet I had a hard life there, as a soul--- in various forms, some of them overlapping, in various times and various places and stages of life, sets of companions, there.  A lot is now less, like, confusing; meager; fumblingly frustrated --- except "frustrated" would imply that I had hopes that were beaten down, and it was more like having limited hopes and little sense of choice, power, I-dunno.

Maybe lotsa people look back and see how in the dark we were.

I walked around downtown today a little, just cuz it wasn't so hot, and I'd found a parking place, and why not.  Art Fair is about to descend. I'm not volunteering at the chorus's booth, tho I've been tempted to give it a go again this year.

Mostly today it feels like I'm doing one foot in front of the other.