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July 3rd, 2018

Postcard of the Day


Bow Tie Tuesday

It's still fairly warm out there.  I just did what an intern here (who's probably almost 35 by now & maybe in recovery from some years of youthful hard-livin') used to make fun of us by calling "the MR workout":  I walked once around the block.  Now I'm going to edit more, or maybe switch to checking editing, while my Kashi brand "Mayan Harvest" lunch (it has plaintains & beans, I can yell you that much) cools.

Here's today's bow tie, which was a bit fussy to tie this morning:

It helped that I'd emailed in late and had some flexibility that way, so I could do a start-over when I'd left myself too much futzing to make it decent, in the first roughing together of the bow.

News around here is that we're going to be using a timeclock soon-ish.  I realize this seems especially unfortunate to me because the jobs I've had in the past with timeclocks were the jobs that treated workers least well.  I mean, the (larger) tradition around here is to treat everyone as respected colleagues, however cog-in-the-wheels our duties, and even tho a timeclock may well be not so bad in the facts of it in terms of changing practices and policies (I guess we'll find out), it feels bad.  Probably doesn't help that unions just got a big blow in the Supreme Court.

Mark just came by and re-installed my near-obsolete spellchecker, yet again.  All because I'm so fond of "Ignore All".  I'm sure there's some joke there about people, and my awkward way of being more particular now, and how it feels like I'm being some detestable misanthropist unworthy of human companionship when I choose to step away from or set boundaries with certain people.  But I can't think of a joke like that.

I do wonder whether I'll have another canine companion before I die.  I suppose I may still have another romantic partner, whom I actually get close to and bond with and team up with, in some senses or maybe even many.  I can't much imagine either of those just now.  Wouldn't it be wild to have both?  And have the cats be fond of both?  And have world peace and the backyard cleared and the debt paid and a song in my heart?




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"What was once thought cannot be unthought."

-- Möbius, The Physicists


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