June 26th, 2018

Hopey thinker

Bow Tie Tuesday

It's getting toward the end of Tuesday, and I took off this tie a few hours ago.  I also took off the shirt, and cut the sleeves off with pinking shears; they didn't fit well.

I didn't much feel like putting on a tie today.  I did it anyway.  And I went and talked to Dan, and saw the picture of the dog who made him love dogs.

I think I'm still recovering from majorly falling apart on Sunday.  Exhaustion and a dull, beaten-numb feeling were part of the aftermath.  While getting through that, I continue to confront the loss of the dog in different ways off and on all day, and sometimes a lot of other loss swirls into it as it stirs in me.  Yet my talking about it has involved some surprising supportive goodness.

The Supreme Court decided the Muslim travel ban.  They decided the very wrong way.