June 12th, 2018


No-Bow-Tie Tuesday

I didn't wear a bowtie today, tho I was back at the office for a bit, before heading up to visit my dog again.  I wore my State T-shirt, thrifted more because of the cool lettering aspect, and the fetching forest green with white, than for the university association.  I'm a Spartan these days, however.  They're taking care of my dog.

She was less visibly stressed today but quick to tire, and she seemed sad.  I couldn't get her to grin at me, and she wasn't waggin' anything.  But she can walk around and she's stable and she came through her biopsy pretty well, without needing some major surgery; some of her numbers have improved slightly too.  She isn't interested in eating yet, and it's not clear whether she'll come back from whatever has overwhelmed her doggie liver.  And it's not clear she won't.  They'll get more of a prognosis as well as what treatment angles to tweak toward, if she's still hangin' in there and there's reason to hope, when more results come in over the next several days.  Meanwhile she's not gonna be a real happy dog.  But she doesn't look like she's at death's door.  And she's been stable.  I suspect she's spending a fair amount of time snoozing away, maybe dreaming of something she likes more than being sick.

I met a friend who teaches at MSU for lunch after seeing the dog.  Had a salad mountain at El Azteco.  Then took my time driving back.

I'm pretty zonked.  Kitties are nice.  Maybe I'll stick up a postcard, in a nod to everyday life.  Here's to everyday life!