April 28th, 2018

relax & enjoy

I skipped the sectional.

It's being held (on the north side) right before a benefit performance we're doing (on the east side) and I (on the south side) wanted a chance to put my feet up.  It was just too much, today.  I gotta work on chorus stuff tomorrow too.  Who knows when I'll actually make a point of learning the music.

I'da had more time but for a spontaneous brunch with a friend who's about to go away for the summer.

I've got my all-black on now, and me'n' pup're gonna go out for another walk, cuz the sun's finally come out, and we're at the high for the day (50°F), then off to sing a few songs with some bellydancers.  Maybe the shaggy beast'll be happy I shirked my tenorly duties & won't be gone so long.  Don't tell her I may stop at the grocery store on the way home.

I feel an impulse to add a line here about jonesing, and it occurs to me that I could practically build it into a template, the way it occurs to me so often, in a pause.  Like an email signature.  I think I want to say it cuz of some fantasy that saying it might --- well.  Here I am, jonesin' again.