April 3rd, 2018

relax & enjoy

Bow Tie Tuesday

Here it is, Tuesday again.  It's cold out.  It's gonna be cold out all week.  April Schmapril.  I picked a thicker bowtie on accounta it might as well still be winter.

The local U's basketball team lost the big game last night.  They weren't favored.

There's an internal server error going on.  Database down, up, down again.

In other news, I'm due to shift into introspection-with-a-witness mode, after a gap, and it feels like I don't know where to start, what to pick out.  I guess I'll just start talking.  But I may miss the points entirely.  Like, I don't want to waste time, money & opportunity.  I don't think this amounts to much, anxiety-wise, but I know my meter's kinda gee-broke that way.

Database back again.  So nofurtherado here's today's tie:

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