March 20th, 2018

relax & enjoy

Bow Tie Tuesday

Last week at the meeting formerly known as the Production Meeting, Dan was substituting for Erol, and doing so while wearing a bow tie.  When conversation turned to his tie, he said "Bow Tie Tuesday".  So here it is, the next Tuesday, and 6 of us are wearing bow ties today.

My choice this morning is in Kansas State colors, in honor of their having gotten further in the NCAA tournament than I bet they would, what with their knocking off my brother's alma mater, UMBC, to get into the Slippery Sixteen.

It's not the best tie-tying, but I was having a hard time getting the knot to tighten and stay tight during the requisite futzing, so when I finally got it fairly secure and realized I had too much tie on the back part of the bow v. the front part, I decided to live with it.  "This is what I got today" was a colleague's explanation for his similar thinking when his first go at today's tie was less than what he mighta hoped for.  Maybe he's rusty.  I'm rusty.

Happy Bow Tie Tuesday to you.