December 31st, 2017

winter house


Well, it lacks an hour and 17 to the new year.  I'm in for the night.  Was gonna try on some new boot options, but now I'm thinking that's a better NYD activity.  Today I ate up leftovers, thinking that's more an outgoing-year thing.  And I finally finished a will.  The handwritten one that's valid in this state without witnesses.  I still plan to do a typed and witnessed one, but it's good to have one in place.  Did I leave you something?  You might be surprised.

I started the day today with a hard conversation that didn't exactly go well.  Was just talking yesterday to a recovery guy about how hard it is to go through the pain of standing up for something and sometimes getting the seemingly-worse consequences of acting, but it being better, in the long run.  The daggoned long run.  After I got up and walked the dog, I finally watched Frozen.  It's frozen out, dead of winter, after all, and other themes from the tale seemed apropos.  I did some housecleaning.  I made a pasta-style dish out of noodles made of butternut squash, with spinach, diced tomatoes, pine nuts and goat cheese, plus a little acid, as is all the rage.  The dog and I went to the car wash.

The pictures in my phone haven't been backed up to the computer in quite a while---about a year, in fact---due to a change of computers thing and some old-computer glitchiness, and I'm thinking it might behoove me to delete some of the un-backed-up ones, such as when there are 10 shots of two cats in a laundry basket, and I don't really need them all.  So I started that.  And in doing so I had a little review of things that happened this year.  After the chorus show and the Trump protests, a stranger helped me at the gas station.  I sold an old doll for a lot more than I thought it would bring. I got my hair rainbowed at the only professional hair cut of my life. I took the dog to doggy day care for the first times, but took her with me on a trip to see the eclipse.  I quit the chorus board.  I had a glitch with a friend that has messed things up, and I hate that.  Lotsa withdrawal pain.  I got a new roof, a new mailbox, an old typewriter, and new glasses.  I watched a lot of noir and was really into Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  I set up beneficiaries and wrote a will.  And of course I posted a lot of postcards at this tiny little still-there corner of the internet.

And now it lacks but 42 minutes, so I shall ring off with a Happy New Year wish to you.  So, Happy New Year!