December 25th, 2017

ella w/sheet music

Lula gave me a pair of gloves, and I gave her a snow person.

She must've seen me looking at gloves online.  These are maybe a smidge long in the fingers, but a happy surprise about them is that they smell like one of those leather stores they (used to?) have in malls, and that gave it an extra sense of family.  I half-expected to turn around and find an Orange Julius hotdog split in half long-ways with the chasm filled with melted cheese and bacon bits.

Here's what I got her:


She's already started to give its hat more of that "hobo" snowperson look.  A tattered necktie with almost surely follow, and that carrot nose may not be long for this world, either.

I just finished ironing the embroidered snotrags I've been working on.  "Snotrags" is better than "handkerchiefs" because---though both are compound words, and I love me a compound word---"snot" and "rags" are the same length + 1 syllable each, and "snot" and "rags" are funnier words, so anti-high-falutin'.  ("Low-falutin'"?)

Not much snow had accumulated since the midnight sweep, but I didn't do any shoveling in that pass, so I did some yard pathways this morning and will clean the Jeep off and make a path to the trash can later.  Since it's so cold out, getting the trash to the trash can may be good enough this week, vs. digging a path to the street or dragging the things over the snowpile.

Gotta say:  I'm kinda lovin' winter.   ❄ ❄ ♡ ❄ ❄