December 18th, 2017

ella w/sheet music

week of burning leave, embroidering, slipping in melting snow, celebrating dog poop & wagging tail

It's the week before Christmas, and all through the office
the database has been down for quite a while.

I'm taking half days and one whole day off this week.

Tomorrow is my neighbor-down-the-street's 89th birthday.  I had a photo card printed for her at Walgreen's.  Gotta remember to put it in her mailbox.

The critter control people have yet to control the critters in my sorta-attic.  My new roof/gutters spawned massive icicles all around, and I need to look up whether that's bad.  Seems like it might be bad.  Tho picturesque.

The other day I found a coupla old "Dishwasher" zines in my seemingly-never-finished book sort & discarding, and cracked 'em open, and you know what?  Dishwasher Pete doesn't seem cool.  He seems like an asshole.  I marvel that I ever thought he was particularly to be celebrated.  I also suspect that a lot of what he wrote was invented, and in any case what he found notable and worthy of celebration now seems to me to reflect an unappealing sensibility.

Database Back, then Down Again; Copy Ed Considers Renaming Database "Blackhawk"

After the work party Friday, stopping into the World Market store in the same glob of buildings as the restaurant venue, I came across a kit thing with a coupla glow-in-the-dark embroidery skeins in it.  So yesterday I put a glowing aura around the black hole I was using as the "o" in "BLACK HOLE".  It was just the ticket for making it seem more like a black hole and less like just a big black filled-in circle.

Like the old lady that I (remind myself I) am, I'm enjoying having this embroidery project waiting for me at home these days.  Think I could get a similar kick out of the paint-by-numbers that's been on my Amazon bookmarky list for many months?  I'm trying to decide whether to give it to myself for Christmas.  I've already gotten myself (1) new gloves I hope will fit and be nice and (2) permission to consider buying a new stove, with the latter amping itself up in recent days as it's become apparent that the oven isn't heating to the set temperatures appropriately.  Paint-by-numberses, I suggest, aren't necessarily as un-creative as they seem.  For one thing, you don't have to follow the rules.  Just like you can renegade at one of those drink-and-paint parties.

I keep hoping I'll need another color or two of embroidery floss so I'll have to go to Jo-Ann's, cuz I kinda wanna start scoping colorful fabrics for a new curtain for my front door's window.  But that's not exactly a front-burner project.

Back to work again.  For a bit.