August 18th, 2017


New Sensations

It's a Lou Reed song.

Oo-oohhh, new sensations
Ooohh ooohh, new sensations

Talkin' 'bout some new sensations
Talkin' them new sensations

I took my GPZ out for a ride
The engine felt good between my thighs
The air felt cool -- it was forty degrees outside

I rode to Pennsylvania near the Delaware Gap
Sometimes I got lost and had to check the map
I stopped at a roadside diner for a burger and a Coke

There were some country folk and some hunters inside
Somebody got theirselves married, and somebody died
I went to the jukebox and played a hillbilly song

They was arguing 'bout football as I waved and went outside
And I headed for the mountains feeling warm inside
I love that GPZ so much, you know that I could kiss her

Oooohhh, new sensations
Ooohh ooohh ooh-ooh-ooh ooohh ooohh, new sensations

Talkin' 'bout your new sensations
Talkin' new sensations