August 7th, 2017

bathroom angel

omg worse than oBEEsity?

Apparently now it's loneliness that's killing me.  A new study out.  Oy.  Shouldn't I be glad about that, that the fat scare has bopped down a notch?

BTW, don't be talking about the benefits of "weight loss" or the bad bad things about fat in comments here, in case you haven't picked that up yet.  Not okay.

Over the years I've experimented with different "sleep notes" in my sleep app to tell me whether they make for better or worse sleep.  So it's a little checklist as I set the app & alarm.  They're things about my day or my state of being, like "caffeine later in day" or "physically active" or "congested" or "new bed" or "pain".  And recently I've added the likes of "alienated" and "lonely" to choose from.  I'm not expecting informative statistics about how such spiritual/psychic positions/sensibilities affect my sleep.  More it just seems part of the check-in at the end of the day.