June 26th, 2017


Seems like we just had a workday.

One on which somebody got fired, no less.

I was a bit glum for a hunk of today. Decided to try getting out in the air, and took the dog for some hiking about, where there'd be some shade, on this lovely temperate day (that offered some clouds too), and we got nice and tired, which was good. I cooked for myself with yesterday's farmers market gleanings and the meals were mediocre. The dog threw up, maybe from eating too much grass. The barf's in the trash can out at the street along with the rest of the literal refuse of last week. The cats have a clean litter box, I've got FroBones ready for the week, and one load of laundry to fold, if I decide to fold it.

I dunno. I think I'm maybe gonna sleep deep tonight, on accounta getting barely any sleep last night. Hope so. Hope for rich dreams, and remembering them.

I am really enjoying my new $11 comb. Much more than the cheap plastic combs of the same shape I usually use. It's strange what a difference it makes.