June 12th, 2017


In two years they should start writing up the TV retrospectives for this decade, so they'll be ready

... when 2019 ends.  Cuz by then CNN will have already had the 2000s retrospective.

Meanwhile, I'm probably certifiably insane, in such certifications are still given out.  I wonder if there's a quiz for that online.  After my last post I felt extra-lonely, and googled some half-kidding (or maybe not half) phrase about that, and took an online loneliness quiz (I know, right?  c'mon), and sure nuff, I scored "extremely".

I did text a friend, who talked to me at length yesterday about some of the difficulty she's going through.  I don't know that I feel less lonely so much as more distracted.  Came home, cooked for me & dog, ate, put Kumau Bell on.

It's hot.  That doesn't help anything.