February 24th, 2017

MR door

The storm arrived just after I got back to the office.

So it's suddenly dark out there, greenish deep gray, and rumbly, and the air in here feels strangely cool.

Friday afternoon at the office is a whole thing for me, it seems.  Storms are exciting, though, in a good way.  Diverting.  Helping hold me in the moment.  Embrace, enfold, gently hug me in the moment.

I still don't understand what I still don't understand, which is a why, and sometimes I can't stop thinking how it's not right.  [Complicated emoticon that hasn't been invented yet, and the wish for a co-inventor.]

I reckon the latest David Zinn is probably almost washed away already, from the sidewalk out front.  He was out there drawing it about 22 1/2 hours ago.  Knowing full well, one can bet, that this little fella would be especially ephemeral:

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