November 30th, 2016

bobby hill

I anticipate it'll be a pleasure, retraining my brain.

Just got my Jeep back, after two weeks in a loaner Civic.  MY is it nicer to be driving my vehicle.  It still needs the actual new bumper (on backorder) but the underneath work is done.  It may sound a little nutty, but I really missed it.  Maybe instead of the big laundry focus I had in mind for the weekend, I'll drive somewhere and back.

Is there an app that lets you throw a dart at a map?  There oughta be.  This is an important use of maps.

Hmmm.  There's this: But virtual dart throwing needs graphics.  Go ahead and steal the idea to get [modestly] rich[er], someone.  I just want the app.  Note for developer--- Of course it should let you set the perimeters you want, but there should always be a certain chance you'd miss the map entirely.  Or the globe/planet.