November 23rd, 2016

bobby hill

There's a new Dykes to Watch Out For.

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I feel a fondness.  The fondness of far away.  The fondness of love still there.  I give it to you by pointing you there.

I also feel the feeling of remembering how not alone I am, in remembering that there were so many others, and there was a sense of solidarity with them, and we were so not alone, when things were bad before.  This may be a new and different kind of bad, for a while or for a long time, but I won't be alone.

I was making oatmeal cookies earlier tonight.  Had to clean off the stove, and then clean it out a little (some last-winter burning something was in there when I tried to heat it up), and open up the house to clear the smoke, and it still feels good with a little cold-outside coming in on my toplessness, while chunks of sweet potatoes are boiling.  I'm going to try to make sweet potato biscuits tomorrow.  Just from some internet recipe this time.  No need to put too fine a point on it.